Davis Monthan AFB


  • Airport Name: Davis Monthan AFB



  • FAA: DMA

  • CA Ident:

  • City: Tucson

  • Region: Arizona

  • Country: United States

  • Localization: US-AZ

  • Latitude: 32.166500

  • Longitude: -110.883167

  • Type: Airport (Airfield)

  • Use: Military

  • UTC Zone: -07:00

Davis Monthan AFB is a excellent airport to head to if you are looking to locate a place to fly. The town of Tucson is a fantastic City in the Country of United States.

Davis Monthan AFB is located in Tucson, United States. It is classfied as a medium airport and as such only available to confirmed aircraft. Davis Monthan AFB is the commonly known code useful when searching for flights into and out of Davis Monthan AFB.

ICAO – The international Civil Aviation Organization airport code is a four alphanumeric code designating every airport globally. They are utilized by air traffic control and airline operations. They are different than IATA codes which are used for baggage tags. The codes are typically made from the name of the airport or the town it surrounds.

IATA – International Air Transport Association airport code is also referred to as location identifier. It’s a three letter representing many airports around the world. These codes are prominently showed on baggage tags.

Davis Monthan AFB


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